Acacso Conference

Nov 2012, San Diego (CA)

Agenda Hotel Information Record of Attendance


Title Presenter Company Date
ACACSO EAC Update George Jones CSXT 2012 Nov
Port of San Diego Connie Le Fevre Port of San Diego 2012 Nov
SCO90 Todd Poland Watco Companies 2012 Nov
CHDX Edits Project Mark Aldenderfer Railinc 2012 Nov
How BNSF Manages Shortline Orders Ken Jacobs BNSF 2012 Nov
Locomotive and Car Hire – What’s the connection GE Transportation 2012 Nov
TTX 2013 Outlook TTX Company 2012 Nov
Restenciling and it’s effect on Car Hire Patty Oakley Genesee & Wyoming Inc 2012 Nov
Reclaims-Counter Reclaims Lisa Butts Watco Companies 2012 Nov
Letters Of Authority Cathy Herb Railinc 2012 Nov
Car Hire Negotiation Self Service Project Matt Cox Railinc 2012 Nov
Dave’s Top Ten 2012 Nov
North American Fleet Overview Robert Gordon GATX 2012 Nov
Railinc Accumulated Mileage Matt Cox Railinc 2012 Nov
Rule 22 Workshop Chauncey Fallen GATX 2012 Nov