Acacso Conference

May 2008, Chicago (IL)

Agenda Hotel Information Record of Attendance


Title Presenter Company Date
RCH Update 05/08 Glover BNSF 2008 May
EAMWC Update 05/08 Railinc 2008 May
Electronic Defective/Damaged Car Tracking System Cassels CSXT 2008 May
Car Service Rules 1-6 2008 May
Car Service Rules 7-11 Campbell CSXT 2008 May
Haulage-Bridge Traffic-Trackage Rights 2008 May
Damaged and Defective Car Tracking Railinc 2008 May
North America Freight Car Association NAFCA 2008 May
Total Car Management Union Pacific 2008 May
LCS Report Card 05/08 Partica CN 2008 May
Association of American Railroads Update AAR 2008 May
Mexican/American Withholding Tax Kansas City Southern 2008 May
US Income Tax withheld from Mexican Roads Jones CSXT 2008 May
Car Hire Rule 5 and Rule 15 Railinc 2008 May
AAR Audit Tag Update Jones CSXT 2008 May
Future Car Accounting Process Newell, Carmichael and Weis UP 2008 May
RCH Private Car Perspective Kieras RCH 2008 May
Equipment Availability Clearinghouse Railinc, AAR and ASLRRA 2008 May
CHDX Detail Records Railinc 2008 May
Go 21 Gurley Go21 2008 May